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Custom Extrusions

What materials are available?
We can produce in acrylic, impact acrylic, ABS, ABS/PVS blends, ABS/polycarbonate blends, butyrate, elastomer, HIPS, ignition-retardant styrene, PETG, polycarbonate (low- or high-density), Provista and vinyl. For more complete information, click here.

How much does a die cost?
Tooling costs are determined by several factors including:

  • Size of the part
  • Material(s)
  • End use of the part
  • Total footage of product to be run
  • Potential for reruns of the part

Each of these factors is taken into consideration, with the end goal of producing the least expensive tooling to meet the end needs.

What is the lead time for a new die?
Our typical new tooling lead time is two to four weeks after we have an approved production drawing. Lead times vary based on our Finite Forward scheduling system. Our receipt of your purchase order begins the scheduling process.

Is all tooling produced in-house?
Yes, all tooling is designed and manufactured by Sandee.

What is the standard lead time for a production order?
The dynamics of custom manufacturing often result in quick changes to tooling, production and fabrication schedules. Forces beyond anyone's control may impact the availability and cost of materials used in production and delivery of final product. Our receipt of your purchase order begins the scheduling process. Prices, confirmed upon placement of order, and shipping dates, based upon our Finite Forward scheduling software, determine lead times.

What is the minimum run?
Our typical minimum is 1,000 linear feet of any extrusion. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

What colors are available?
We can manufacture your product in any color imaginable. We can produce a more accurate quote if we can reference a Pantone® color number. If no Pantone® number is available, anything can be custom color matched.

How long does a custom color match take?
It typically takes ten working days to get a color chip to you for approval, and ten additional working days to produce the custom color concentrate from the approved color chip.

Where can I send a drawing?
For quoting purposes, send drawing and quote request information to:
SalesIL@sandeeplastics.com (specific to Midwest office)
or fax Customer Service: 847-671-7127

SalesCA@sandeeplastics.com (specific to West Coast office)
or fax Customer Service: 562-633-2916

For projects underway, send drawing to:
or fax Engineering: 847-671-7127

In what format should my engineering drawing be programmed for review by Sandee?
Files in the following formats are acceptable. They are listed in order of preference.

  1. DWG – AutoCAD 2000
  2. DWG – Any revision of AutoCAD
  3. DXF – AutoCAD 2000
  4. DXF – Any revision of AutoCAD

Please contact engineering@sandeeplastics.com if you cannot submit the file in one of these formats.

What is the maximum possible width of a profile?
The extrudable profile is calculated by measuring its developed width. A flat sheet four inches wide has a developed width of four inches. A four-inch flat sheet with a two-inch leg bisecting it at 90 degrees vertically has a developed width of six inches. A four-inch flat sheet with two-inch legs top and bottom has a developed width of eight inches, and so on. The maximum Sandee developed width for extruded profiles is 36 inches.

What is the maximum length of an extrusion?
While our typical cut lengths fall into the 24” to 96” range, we have run rigid profiles over 24 feet long. Flex profiles can be coiled or spooled to desired length

Standard Profiles

Does Sandee offer stock tooling?
Yes, Sandee maintains a wide selection of standard tools for typical shapes and materials, which provide our customers with significant cost savings. For more information, click here.

What types of stock tooling are available?
Our standard profiles, including standard "C"-channels, "F"-channels, "H"-channels, "J"-channels, "L"-channels, and "U"-channels, as well as standard tube profiles and coextruded chutes, offer an economical and efficient solution to hundreds of design challenges.

“Plus” Processes

What kind of in-line fabrication do you offer?
Our in-line fabrication processes include punching, drilling, notching, miter cutting, routing, magnetic stripping, sonic welding, in-line tapes, in-line printing, protective films, ant-static and many other processes.

What kind of secondary operations do you offer?
Our secondary operations include assembly, collating, kitting, custom packaging, logistics, shipping and many other processes.

Motion Mat®

Are Motion Mat® shelf liners safe for consumer/food use?
Motion Mat® sheets comply with National Sanitation Foundation and Food and Drug Administration standards, and are USDA-approved for use in food stores.

In what colors are Motion Mat® sheets available?
Standard colors are white and black, but Motion Mat® shelf liners can be manufactured in your brand colors to individualize your shelving.

In what thicknesses are Motion Mat® sheets available?
Motion Mat® sheets are available in various gauges for all applications:

.083 thickness—Regular duty: our most popular thickness for solid surfaces
.114 thickness—Medium duty: our most popular thickness for wire surfaces
.125 thickness—Heavy duty
.156 thickness—Extreme duty

What kind of fabrication is available for Motion Mat® sheets?
We can custom-cut, punch, slot and notch each sheet to precisely fit your shelving units.

Can Motion Mat® sheets be used in freezers?
Motion Mat shelf liners are freezer-friendly—they won't warp or become brittle in freezer display units.

How do I maintain Motion Mat® sheets?
Motion Mat® is designed and priced to be a disposable solution for your gravity feed needs. You can extend the life of your Motion Mat® shelf liners by keeping them clean. Simply wipe the Motion Mat® with a soft cloth, warm water and, if necessary, a mild soap. If your Motion Mat® gets too dirty or shows signs of too much wear, it's time for a replacement Motion Mat®.

Safe Surfaces™

What types of microorganisms are Safe Surfaces™ extrusions effective against?
Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions have shown efficacy against both E. coli and staph bacteria in clinical tests.

Additionally, Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are effective against a broad range of microorganisms.

How do Safe Surfaces™ antimicrobial extrusions work?
Safe Surfaces extrusions inhibit the growth of microorganisms by interfering with cellular functions. Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are manufactured from specialty resins formulated by Sandee using EPA-approved silver ion technology to infuse the plastic with antimicrobial properties.

What kind of environments are suitable for Safe Surfaces™ antimicrobial extrusions?
Safe Surfaces are designed to deliver antimicrobial properties to a wide range of environments, including hospitals and clinics, nursing and retirement homes, schools and day care centers, fitness centers, food preparation areas, restaurants, supermarkets, workplaces, public transportation and, of course, at home.

What types of products can be manufactured from Safe Surfaces™ antimicrobial extrusions?
Safe Surfaces extrusions provide key antimicrobial benefits anywhere there is the potential for people to touch surfaces and leave bacteria behind, which could then contaminate others. Products includes lighting panels and lenses, fluorescent tube guards, moldings and bumpers, corner guards, window blinds, wire raceways, grocery belt dividers, cart and basket handles, handle covers and an almost infinite variety of other uses.

Are Safe Surfaces™ extrusions safe for humans?
Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are 100% safe for humans and are listed with the Food & Drug Administration, the National Sanitation Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

How long do the antimicrobial properties of Safe Surfaces™ extrusions last?
Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are designed to be effective for the lifespan of most products.

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