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Plastic extrusions that say
“keep off” to bacteria.

Our revolutionary Safe Surfaces™ extrusions bring antimicrobial properties to translucent, opaque and other plastic materials. Manufactured with EPA-approved silver ion technology, Safe Surfaces extrusions deliver antimicrobial benefits to an ever-expanding range of applications.

A need as urgent as today's headlines.

The news is all around us. In hospitals, nursing homes, schools, day care centers and food preparation areas, infections from staph, MRSA and a host of other microorganisms are increasing rapidly. Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions offer an array of solutions that inhibit the growth of microbes including staph, MRSA and E. coli.

Safe Surfaces extrusions inhibit the growth of microorganisms by interfering with cellular functions. They provide these key antimicrobial benefits anywhere there is the potential for people to touch surfaces and leave bacteria behind, which could then contaminate others.

At work anywhere bacteria may lurk.

Safe Surfaces extrusions bring antimicrobial properties to products including:

  • Lighting panels and lenses
  • Fluorescent tube guards
  • Moldings and bumpers
  • Corner guards
  • Window blinds
  • Wire raceways
  • Grocery belt dividers
  • Cart and basket handles
  • Handle covers

How does it work?

Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are manufactured from specialty resins formulated by Sandee using EPA-approved silver ion technology to infuse the plastic with antimicrobial properties.

Silver ions are proven to bond to proteins in the microbes. This bonding then inhibits growth in multiple modes.

This multi-modal function of our inorganic antimicrobial formulation presents a higher likelihood that microbe strains will not become resistant, as they have in other organic antibiotics. The presence of these molecules throughout the plastic ensures a long product life. Whenever the surface is scratched or cleaned, the antimicrobial molecules on the surface are replenished from within the part.

Long-lasting and durable.

Because of this unique controlled-release chemistry, Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are designed to be effective for the lifespan of most products.

Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are 100% safe for humans and are listed with the Food & Drug Administration, the National Sanitation Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Proven effective.

Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions have shown efficacy against both E. coli and staph bacteria in clinical tests.

In hospitals and clinics, nursing and retirement homes, schools and day care centers, fitness centers, food preparation areas, restaurants, supermarkets, workplaces, public transportation and, of course, at home, Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions are ideal for customers concerned about a broad range of microorganisms:

Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus aureus
S. enteritidis
V. parahaemolyticus
B. sutilis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Candida albicans
Enterococcus faecalis
Enterococcus faecium
Clostridium difficile

Get the upper hand
against bacteria and infection.

Safe Surfaces antimicrobial extrusions offer a wide range of applications for hundreds of industries. How can its antimicrobial properties offer solutions for your needs?

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